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Sawasdee ka!

Welcome to Andaman Thai Bistro. It has been a long journey for us from Bangkok, Thailand.

Chef Siri is from one of Thailand's oldest city called Ayutthaya. It is also known as the "Venice of the East" Because the city is surrounded by water. Chef Siri grew up in a household full of siblings. Her mother cooked, so did everybody else. They did not have the high end stainless steel appliances. What they had was some pots,a few charcoal burning stoves equipped with the love & passion for food and of course the farm to "dock" food vendors that traveled to you by boats. She was adapted with the "Farm to table" cooking style since her childhood.


Chef Siri is a well seasoned chef who has mastered her artisan techniques. She had trained with master carvers, dessert masters. Her love for food and cooking goes beyond one can only imagine. Everything she puts in front of you has a story. She knows where her food came from. She loves learning about local food sources and anticipating her daily food shopping routines.

Her food tells her background & her story, most importantly it tells her passion. Her love for cooking transcend through the flavors of her food.

I asked her if she's ever wanted to retired, she simply just told me... who else will tell the World my hometown stories better than my food?

We hope that you enjoy your visit as much as we enjoy having you. Thank you for stopping by.

ขอให้เจริญอาหาร (Bon appetit)

Angel O



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